Oil Proof Labels (blank)

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Do you love to make your own blends and sprays? It's fun to make your own, but then keeping track of what's inside can get tricky. And regular labels wear off with oil or water.

Introducing these extremely durable custom made waterproof labels! These labels fit perfectly around a 10 ml roller bottle or on various bottles. And they are BLANK so you can write or design them yourself. Never again be limited to pre-printed labels!


  • BLANK oil proof labels that come on a 8.5x11 sheet
  • Can be written on with a magic marker or printed with a normal inkjet printer (not laser) 
  • pictures below show an idea of how these BLANK labels can be customized 
  • water and oil proof: will not smear or tear with essential oil contact 
  • Quantity 1 = 5 sheets 
  • roller bottles not included
  • templates available to download 


  • Square Template: 20 per page (2" square, fits perfectly around 10ml rollers. This is the size used in the product image on this page)
  • Circle Template: 9 per page (2.5" circle)
  • Small Rectangle Template: 50 per page (1" x 0.75")
  • Rectangle Template: 32 per page (1.75" x 1.25", fits onto 10ml rollers with a it of extra space on the edges)
  • Large Rectangle Template: 8 per page (3.5" x 2.125") 


Microsoft Word Templates 

Download Square Template 

Download Circle Template 

Download Small Rectangle Template

Download Rectangle Template

Download Large Rectangle Template 



Apple Pages

Download Rectangle Template

Download Circle Template 

(currently only have the above in an Apple template) 



Which size fits on 10ml rollers? The square (2x2") fits perfectly around 10ml roller with minimal extra space on the edges. This is the size used in the product picture on this. 

The "rectangle" is 1.75 x 1.25 and would also work around 10ml rollers, it just won't cover the full length of the bottle as the square would. 

For 5ml rollers the most common size is the rectangle. However please note that the sizes of 5ml rollers varies so to ensure they fit as desired please measure your bottles and compare to the label size. 

For drams or little labels we would recommend the small rectangle. These are 1x0.75" little labels. Small and very versatile!

Oil Proof Labels (blank) | Holistic Oils
Oil Proof Labels (blank) | Holistic Oils

Customer Reviews

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Great labels. Good quality. They don't smear and they're oil-proof. I've purchased some that ruin with oil and the ink seems to run. These don't do that. I will purchase again.

Lovely Labels

I do alot of DIY roller bottles and sprays. Also considering these for round labels. If you write or print and don't let them dry, yes, they might smear, but let them dry and BOOM!! They are AWESOME!! Very pretty and have a iridescent sheen to them. Stick very well and I've had no problems thus far. Sharpie works great, ball point pen works great! I've just downloaded the template to make some pre-printed lables with my ink-jet. Fingers crossed but I don't think I'll be disappointed. Love the ability to have room for instructions as well as title and other info on the label. Great investment!! Thanks Holistic Oils!!

These are the best!

I thought I'd give these blank labels a try so I could make my own. Because I love making my own DIY projects and always based my projects around the labels I could purchase. But with these labels I can do anything I want with them! I've made up labels for birthday gifts, bridal showers, and even some for the DIY items I sell. It's so easy to download the template and do yourself. And they come out looking super professional. Like I had paid $10 for these from some other place. These blank options are my new favorite labels. Thank you for having these Holistic Oils!!!