Spray Tops

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Turn your 5 and 15 ml essential oil bottles into instant spray bottles! This pack of 6 spray tops will make using your oils even more convenient and fun. These spray tops can be used for

  • salad dressing sprays
  • flavoring foods
  • room and car fresheners
  • applying oils on locations where contact should be avoided. 
  • includes a 6 pack of spray tops 
  • essential oils not included
  • glass bottles not included (reuse your eo bottles instead) 


Spray tops been tested and fit on all major brands

Spray Tops
Spray Tops

Customer Reviews

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great product

I love my spray tops. They fit both my 5ml and 15ml bottles and work great. I haven't noticed any issues with the spray or leaking. I would recommend these!

Great spray tops!

I was pleasantly surprised by the spray tops! They fit my Young Living 5ml and 15ml glass bottles and they have all worked perfectly. Great find!

These are AMAZING!!!

So glad to be able to clean and recycle those old oil YL bottles!! These are a dream come true!! If the tube is too long, shorten it, simple as that. Wish the tube was just about a half inch longer. Some of my bottles could use a longer tube and these come up short, but I'm managing. For what they are, they are AWESOME!! Bought some for my team as thank you gifts and they are so excited!!! Thank you for giving us a way to repurpose old bottles!!

Perfect tops

They fit perfect on Doterra bottles. I immediately put them to use and I am loving them.


I am VERY excited about the spray & dropper tops. I was skeptical blindly ordering these because I don't use Doterra or YL, I use Edens Garden, Jade Bloom, Plant Therapy, Aura Cacia (10 ml each), RMO & Barefut (15 ml each). This company was kind enough to send them to me after my stated skepticsm, & they fit ALL of them!! So then I popped off a roller ball from a bottle & while the sprayer & dropper tops of course dont fit the narrow rollerballs, you can still insert/use the dropper on them. Thank you, Holistic Oils!!