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OUT OF STOCK -- Our custom roller tops sold out much faster than expected! More are in production and should be here within a few weeks. Once they are here we will most definitely be doing posts on our social media pages and also emailing those that are subscribed to our email list. If you'd like to sign up for our email list that can be found at the bottom part of our website.  




Turn your doTERRA bottles into your own roller bottles! This 6 pack of steel rollers and lids will be a huge hit at home and while taking your oils on the go. These steel roller bottles and caps fit pefectly into both the 5 ml and 15 ml bottles. They're perfect for: 

  • thicker oils
  • oils you want to dilulte
  • getting the last drop out of your bottles
  • applying oils topically but not wanting to get it on your hands
  • includes a pack of 6 steel roller balls and lids
  • essential oils not included


Roller tops have been tested and fit both doTERRA and Young Living bottles 


NOTE: When inserting the roller tops we recommend you do NOT push down on the metal ball to insert the roller top. Doing so can push down the steel ball and stretch out the plastic housing. Causing the roller balls to fall out after the top is put on. Only push down on the sides or use a tool to insert. 


Customer Reviews

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I love these roller tops and have been using them to create custom blends in my empty oil bottles. This works out great as it is more ml for my blends and has been a great way to reuse empty bottles. I also use them as a way to dilute hot oils into used up oil bottles. I have also used them on thick oils like vetiver and they have worked like a charm! I’m so pleased with these and will definitely be buying more!

Love these!

I love getting every last drop out of my bottles by turning them into roller bottles when they get low! Such a great penny pincher idea!


These are perfect! Love how they turn my oil bottles into rollers.