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This tool is a must have when using your essential oils and oil accessories. The tool makes it so you can remove and apply bottle orifices without damaging your fingers or ruining your nails. The orifice is the clear plastic part on the top of your essential oil bottle. This clear orifice is what to remove when inserting replacement tops - such as our roller tops, droppers, or spray tops. Or when re-using your bottles and cleaning. 


  • pack of 3 oil tools
  • made from metal
  • metal key ring attached  


TO REMOVE ORIFICE: Take the plastic cap off your essential oil bottle. Next slide in the side of the oil tool from the side between the orifice and glass part. The orifice easily pops off! 

TO INSERT: Do you make up a lot of essential oil samples with drams? This tool can also be used to insert plastic orifices onto bottles. Saving your thumbs and fingers from excessive pressure. Simply place the orifice loosely onto the glass bottle. Then use the right hole opening to help push in the orifice. 

Customer Reviews

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love it

This thing is amazing! I don't know why I waited so long to get one! Would make great gifts for my oil tribe on special occasions!


Why have I never purchased one of these? It's a lot cheaper to buy one of these than it is to spill oil trying to get the reducer out or roller off. Yes it makes it that easy.