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Lightweight and stylish, the 3-Pack Aromatherapy Inhalers is an extremely simple way to enjoy the aromatic benefit of your oils while on the go. A couple drops of the desired essential oil is dropped onto the cotton wick and placed inside the inhaler. Then when you want to enjoy the aromatic benefit simply open up the inhaler and place the inhaler up to your nose. 

This 3 pack of inhalers comes with a black, blue, and silver inhaler. Inhalers also make a great gift for any essential oil user, you can keep your beloved oils with you everywhere you go with these sleek, stylish Aromatherapy Inhalers. Tote one in your purse or laptop case, stash in desk drawer at work, or share with a friend!

  •  pack of 3 inhalers: gray, blue, black 
  • comes with 3 cotton inhaler sticks



  1. Separate the cap and bottom section from the glass bottle located inside. 
  2. Unscrew the silver cap from the glass bottle. 
  3. Place 5-15 drops of essential oil on the provided wick that is conveniently pre-loaded in the bottle. 
  4. Screw the silver cap onto the bottle and place back inside the tube. 
  5. Remove the cap from the tube and inhale as needed.
  6. To replace the wick, simply remove the used wick with tweezers and put a new wick into the glass bottle. 
  7. The glass bottle can be cleaned and wiped out if needed. 
*If using the same essential oil continue to use the same wick for 2-3 months and just add a few drops of essential oil when needed to strengthen the scent.

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