Frosted Black Roller Bottles

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Show off your essential oils blends with class. This is a package of 6, 10 ml frosted black roller bottles. Includes bottles, stainless steel rollers, and gold caps.


  • 6 frosted black glass bottles
  • 6 stainless steel rollers
  • 6 gold caps


NOTE:  When inserting the steel rollers onto the roller bottles we recommend you do not push them down with force on the steel ball. If you apply excessive pressure onto the steel roller it will push down the steel ball and stretch out the plastic housing around the ball. Causing oil to come out faster and/or the metal ball to fall out. 

Please insert using a tool or push down along the plastic sides, not the steel ball itself. Pushing excessively on the steel roller ball can cause the housing around the ball to stretch.

Customer Reviews

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new favorites

The black + gold is my new favorite. I love the frosted look, the steel rollers, and the gold tops. Everything about them is perfect. I can't recommend these enough!

Love these!

The frosted black and gold was a hit at my make and take. Will be buying more :)