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Share Essential Oil Supplies & Earn Money

Simple and Profitable:
Tell your friends and team members about Holistic Oils products and every time you generate a referral that ends in a sale, you earn cash.

Earn a Steady, Passive Income:
The essential oil industry is rapidly growing and so everyone needs essential oil supplies to go with their products

Fast and Reliable Payouts:
Promote our products and get compensated generously for doing so. Receive up to 15% of each and every sale made with prompt payouts on a monthly basis.

How to Earn

Share your unique affiliate link. You earn 15% commission on every sale

Share your unique coupon code and our regular website. You earn 15% commission and the buyer receive 10% off their order.

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We love that our work can create abundance for others. Earning cash is as easy as referring those in your essential oil teams to purchase our products in an email, via social media, or your website. They click and buy, you earn money. It's like having your own essential oil store. Just without needing to carry inventory or pay for shipping!


Q. Does it cost money to sign up as an affiliate?

A. No

Q. How is commission paid?

A. Commission is paid between the 15-18th of the month via PayPal

Q. Is there a minimum requirement to get paid?

A. No. You receive payment starting at $1

Q. How do I earn commission?

A. 1) Sharing your unique referral link, or 2) share www.HolisticOils.com and your unique coupon code

Q. Can I chose the coupon code?

A. Yes, when you sign up as an affiliate you will chose your unique coupon code

Q. How long does it take to sign up as an affiliate?

A. Less than 1 minute