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Turn your 5 or 15 ml bottles into instant dropper bottles with this 6 pack of glass droppers. Perfect for applying hot oils to select areas, making up your own DIY blends or getting thicker oils out easier. 

  • includes 6 glass droppers
  • child proof (very high quality dropper) 
  • essential oils not included


Droppers been tested and fit all major brands - 5ml and 15ml bottles

    Please select the shorter droppers for Jade Bloom (10ml) or Plant Therapy (10ml) as these bottles are shorter. You could use the larger droppers for single use, then put back on the regular lid. But the larger droppers will not screw on all the way as these brands are only 10 ml and shorter. 



     HOW TO INSERT: Please be careful when inserting these droppers as they can break if not handled appropriately. To Insert: gently put the dropper into the top of the dropper. The top bulb and the circular casing should be perfect (as the pictures show). Twist the droppers down gently without applying pressure to the top bulb. Since the droppers are childproof you only need to twist to the point when the threading is closed (1/2-3/4 turn). If you twist all the way to the point where the childproof casing is tight you have gone too far. Doing this will cause the glass pipette to be too far down, the bulb to push out, and possible oil leakage. The childproof outer ring should not be tight. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Proper Insertion of droppers

    Customer service was great in referring me back to the instructions.
    Shipping was very quick! I will definitely order again.

    Great CS

    CS helped with the pipet issues. Make sure you do not over tighten them. Only the inner threading needs to grip, not the black outer portion. If the black portion is gripping, you have gone too far.

    Love these!

    I've been looking for a good high quality dropper to fit my 15 ml essential oil bottles. And I LOVE these! They're super high quality and fit perfectly onto bottles. And they're childproof which is even better for protecting my essential oils. I've tried out droppers from other brands and they didn't fit well or broke easily. But not these. Definitely, definitely recommend them. I ordered these for some new people who joined my team. I know I'll be ordering more.