Reference Booklet


These 32 page reference booklet is the perfect giveaway item for a new essential oil user. This booklet comes with information on the 3 ways to use essential oil, daily essential oil intake recommendations and getting started information. Followed by hundreds of essential oil recommendations listed from A-Z. With DIY recipes in the back. This booklet is high content, yet simple and easy to followed. It is professional looking and will help a new essential oil user feel comfortable in getting started. Contains 25 booklets, 32 pages each, hundreds of essential oil recommendations for A-Z health concern, popular DIY recipes in the back. 


  • 1st edition - contains up to year 2017 oils, gloss finish, 5x5" booklet
  • 2nd edition - contains oils released at 2018 convention, matte finish, 6x6" booklet


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love these!

Love these to give new team members and customers to get them started using oils!

Perfect booklet!

I think these booklets will be a huge hit in my goodie bags! Important, to the point descriptions. I love them!

Just received these -- love them!

I just received these booklets in the mail and I LOVE them! Totally wish I had ordered more. They are the perfect size to give out. And there is a TON of information in them. I love how it has information on how to use oils with Dr. Hill's daily recommended intake. The A-Z section is super easy to follow. And in the back there is some awesome recipes. I'm going to start giving these out to all of my new enrollments. I used the green A-Z ones before but since those are discontinued these will be my new go-to!