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Do you have empty essential oil bottles lying around and you’re not sure what to do with them? Or you have oils you roll on topically? What about thicker oils that take foooorever to drop out. If this sounds like you then you’re going to LOVE these snap in roller tops! There are extremely popular and our #1 seller for so many reasons! This 12 pack of roller tops that make reusing your bottles convenient and a great way to go green.

To use: simply take out the clear orifice from your essential oil bottles. Then snap in a roller top. And you’ve just turned your essential oil bottle into an instant roller! These updated roller tops release the perfect amount of oil with each swipe. With the protective black casing around the ball you can be assured the ball won’t fall out, causing wasted essential oil.



  • Re-use your essential oil bottles to make applying your essential oils topically super convenient
  • Recycle your essential oil bottles to help go green and save the environment
  • Add a roller top to thicker oils that take a while to drop out
  • Use with essential oils you roll onto the bottoms of your feet, back or hands
  • Make custom roller blends by adding on a roller top
  • Each package contains 12 tops and 12 lids


This 12 pack of snap in roller tops has been tested and fits all major 5ml and 15ml essential oil bottles, purchased from your company of choice (doTERRA, Young Living, etc). These tops do not fit the empty DIY rollers as the bottle neck size on those varies and is often smaller than essential oil bottles purchased from your company.




Are there multiple roller/lids included? Yes, this is a 12 pack! It 12 roller balls and 12 tops are in the package. 


Will these fit my doTERRA/Young Living bottles? Yes, these snap in roller tops fit directly onto your 5/15ml essential oil bottles, the ones that are purchased directly from your company of choice. 

Can I use these to recycle my used essential oil bottles? Yes! These tops are a fabulous way to recycle and reuse your essential oil bottles. The contents inside are up to you! 


Can I reuse these roller tops on different bottles? Yes! You can snap in/out these tops onto different essential oil bottles. Once they snap in they are secure, but can be snapped out and reused 

    Roller Tops | Holistic Oils
    Roller Tops | Holistic Oils
    Roller Tops | Holistic Oils
    Roller Tops | Holistic Oils

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